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On the Mettle of Honor Podcast, you will hear one of two things: A personal story of how someone in the military and veteran community overcame an obstacle in their life or information that supports those within the military and service community. Many times, both are heard. This is not a podcast about "war stories" or a list of awards and assignments - rather the grit, the courage, and will to push through to make it to the other side.

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A big "thank you" to Ray Hahn at Acuity Benefit Consulting for sponsoring The Mettle of Honor Podcast. It's because of your support, the podcast can continue to impact the lives of those who listen. #YouveGotMettle.

Ray is a former VA Rating Specialist with 10 years of claim experience consisting of case development, investigation, and adjudication for disability compensation benefits. He simplifies the complexities of the VA Disability Compensation program so veterans can make informed decision on their benefits. Click here to go to Acuity Benefit Consulting to learn more.
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