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“I decided to join the Marine Corps when I saw the twin towers fall. I wanted to keep my family safe. I served as a Marine Security Guard, protecting embassies from New Delhi to Yemen. After returning to the US, I found job search to be confusing, chaotic, and messy— and saw many of my friends facing the same challenge. I build Veterati to create opportunities for Veterans to have guidance from successful professionals in a world that often seems impermeable to Veterans. I also got a bonus when I built Veterati— I didn’t just get a startup and a great team, I also got a wife and married Diana. So sometimes you’re shooting for your dream job and end up getting your dream girl too.”



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“I've wanted to change the world since I was 13. After graduating from Georgetown in 2012, I spent the last 5 years building companies to solve social challenges, none more meaningful than Veterati. 2 years ago, Veterati was an informal mentoring group where we would mentor Daniel's Marine buddies. One of the Marines I met, I asked him, "What was the transition like for you?" He looked straight at me and said, “Not good. I've been to 3 friends' funerals since I've been out of the military. They're all friends who committed suicide." More soldiers die by their own hand than in battle. It's a lonely path for the soldier coming home to no community, no purpose, no job. Anyone would struggle with this. And so for me, I build Veterati to save lives and empower good people to succeed.”

Join thousands of Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses in setting up free 1-hr mentorship phone calls with successful professionals. We’re the only Veteran Mentorship Platform to let you choose your own mentors and as many as you would like; our average member selects 4 mentors, and some mentees have 25+ mentors! Create a free profile at Veterati to get unlimited access to thousands of volunteer mentors: CEOs, recruiters, entrepreneurs, managers, Veterans & civilians alike.
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In 2015, Former Daniel Rau messages entrepreneur Diana Tsai via Linkedin. They talk about the career challenges faced by service members coming home. They launch a 2-week project to work together via Skype calls to mentor 6 of their friends and former Marines into meaningful careers. In the process, they learn that transitioning is not just a challenge for their friends, but also for 1.5 million veterans coming home after 9/11. Daniel & Diana realize they need backup to solve such a massive challenge.


With a team of friends and trusted advisors, they begin exploring the core problems of the transition process, seeking causal reasons for why many Veterans face challenges in finding jobs after leaving the military. They speak with thought leaders in recruiting, workforce development, and even matchmaking. They listen to Veteran Service Organizations and the stories of hundreds of transitioning Veterans. They realize the big problem is in the job market: more than 80% of job opportunities are never published and exist within personal networks. The team begins to envision a solution: a platform that effortlessly creates mentorship conversations between Veterans and successful professionals.


While catching-up with successful tech entrepreneur and long-time friend Thy Tang, Diana & Daniel mention the platform they’ve resolved on building. Thy says, “You guys forgot I was a Marine. I’ve always wanted an opportunity to help my brothers and sisters.” Thy joins as CTO and brings in his team of engineers, and product build begins!

After launching a successful pilot program in November 2015, Veterati opens the platform to Service Members, Veterans, Military Spouses, and Mentors across the country. Since opening, mentees have been averaging 3.7 mentor calls per active user. 98% of mentors report they want to mentor again. Compared with competitors charging job applicants for career coaching and guidance, Veterati has provided millions of dollars’ worth of free mentorship for 10k+ members and is partnered with the nation’s leading Veteran Service Organizations and Military Employers to deliver free, on-demand mentoring to our entire military community.